Monday, 9 April 2012

barefoot sound wave festival

We were lucky with the weather and this new festival over the weekend was a great success. Opened by Michael Eavis of the Glastonbury Festival, the prize Saturday act were the "Sea of Beas" from Sacrimento, California - a mix of Bjork and Kate Bush with a simple backing ensemble. And, what a co-incidence that this band was named as producing the Sunday Times Culture's CD of The Week!

We, the Fricker's, were out in force to support my sister Lucy Thorp and her husband with their brave new venture, and to listen to our son Harry, who incidentally awoke memories in Michael Eavis's massive sound archive of John Martyn's 1979 performance. Heralded as the greatest event, ever at Glastonbury. Something to live up to Harry.

And, what a sweet and generous man, Michael was to open this event and to encourage the young musicians on show.

Beside the music, the Barefoot Surf School was launched. Too cold for me to drop my toe in - I long for warm, sunny evenings...

Let's hope this will turn out to be an Annual Event that we can all come to year on year....and remember that we were there at the beginning. Rock on Lucy, Roger, Sally and John...

Roger Thorp of Barefoot Welcomes & Introduces Michael Eavis to the Festival 

Michael Eavis, Dairy Farmer & Glastonbury Founder Opens the Festival
Harry Fricker 
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