Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fruits of the Sea

One of the most enjoyable features of photography is its unpredictability, and the full range of humanity that falls within one's viewfinder (some are completely off the wall, while others are a complete joy) and the unusual situations, or strange predicaments that arise. You never, ever know what is around the corner....and, it is rarely the human experience that lets you down, more likely a technical hitch with one's equipment. The sea creatures below had put up a fight with an adversary before I came along....the Bass and Gurnard, I spied in the Newlyn Fish Market, whilst the Mackerel were being off-loaded onto the quay at St Ives, and I was given a mere 20 seconds to get the picture before being pushed aside by an impatient fisherman. The lobster, a glorious creature, a Lord of his environment, gave me a run for my money.
Never work with children or animals, is a common refrain for many professionals - not least cameramen. My proof-reader’s brother farmed lobsters at Curgurrel near Portscatho, and I took advantage of this to get up close, and personal, with my lobster. We chose the finest specimen from their fish tank, cut the restraining bands around its claws, and placed it in the light with the camera a few inches from the lobster…then, snap, snap… went the massive claws. The beautiful creature was not going to cooperate. Fortunately, quick thinking and nerves of steel, saved the day. Or should I say, a spray of cold water to calm the lobster, and a sturdy tripod, to calm the cameraman. At last, I had my lobster, in the can! Is he not magnificent?

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