Monday, 14 March 2011

Surfing UK

This must be the most difficult sport I have ever attempted. You can not hope to begin without a modicum of fitness, and a deep reverence and respect, nay awe, of the sea. Just to lie on your surfboard with the sun on your face paddling away with the power of the ocean beneath, and all about you, is a mind-blowing experience. Whether I catch a wave is immaterial to me. Just the joy of being out there is enough.

It is a brilliant sport for women, too. And, women who have tried gymnastics or ballet, and are strong swimmers love the aerobic nature of the exercise ... So, give it a go - your life will be changed, forever!

Girls! This beats shopping, any day...
Catching a Wave - Whoopie!
It may be Messy but, I gotta get out there!
Walking the Surf Dog
My, Dr No, Surf Girl
Going Home...A Free Woman...

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