Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sojourn in the Peak District - National Cycle Network Route 68

I have just spent a couple of days talking up my Peak District Cycling Map. Visiting my various retail outlets: the National Park Centres, Cotswold Outdoor and other specialist retailers. Mayfield Books of Sheffield do a fine job in placing my maps in the many sale outlets but there is always a job to do, to get around and "Talk Up' the product.  I camped beside the High Peak Trail at Hurdlow, enjoying a couple of pints of local ale in the Royal Oak, a perfect spot for those cycling this trail, or for those seeking a small camp site, free of caravans. The cycling couple illustrated below were heading for Berwick-on-Tweed in the borders, and the northern end of NCN 68. Good luck to them!

The Shire Horse Inn, Wyaston on the NCN 68
Leaving the Shire Horse Inn, Wyaston

The Royal Oak, Hurdlow
High Peak Trail, Parsley Hay

Parsley Hay
The Peak District is a fabulous playground for family cycling on traffic-free trails, or for those seeking the thrills and spills of manic off-roading. Each to his (her) own!  I am told cycling is the new climbing obsession (for many), and long may this continue.
Our brilliant and all encompassing map
The funny fellow showing off his fine legs and handsome features is my route-man, Al Churcher - a great buddy and very knowledgeable cyclist. He is a Pentathlete and is about to compete in the Bejing Games - Good Luck Al!

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