Thursday, 7 November 2013

Launch of New Photo-Library

All the images used in this Blog, to date, are available from my new library of images.
Herewith the Press Release:-


A new and fully automated, online photo-library, has been launched by the photographer and UK travel writer, William Fricker.

William has produced Goldeneye’s travel guides to Cornwall, Devon, The Cotswolds, The Lake District, and many other areas of the UK.  His intention is to continue up-loading his archive of images from these areas, and in future, concentrate on Britain’s Cities and Cathedral Towns.

When the library has ironed out any possible technical issues (so far, all sorted), he will invite a small band of photographers with similar styles and attitude to expand the library, and to fill in the gaps.

“I am from the school of ‘natural photography’ and my intent or style has always been to try and represent the subject, be it a building, or a field of sheep, in the best possible light, and from a perspective that you, the viewer, will recognise as you pass it by. I rarely use filters to change the image into something unrecognisable, and although I admire those photographers who can create a stunning image from a dull scene, this has never been my aim. I believe photography, or rather the consistent capture of great images to be a truly difficult task. It has taken me many years to reach my current level, and so I continue to doff my hat at the brilliance of some of my peers.”

7th November, 2013

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