Saturday, 16 April 2011

Marwood Hill Gardens - A Ray of Brilliance in a Spring Landscape

On my travels, it is too rare a moment to come across a place that has been created with passion and such verve, that one is thrown into a state of awe and humility....Dr James Smart (now deceased) created this garden out of a barren hillside in  North Devon. He arrived here in 1949 and it took him some 50-years to realize a dream where you can now experience his famous collection of camellias - the largest in the country, and a rare collection of rhododendrons (to be featured next week). There is a large bog garden, lakes, clematis, a Rock and Alpine garden, and a Nursery selling unusual plants. The garden is open daily from 1 March to 31st October, 10-5. Tearoom, too for refreshments.

All these images were taken on a dull, grey morning. You don't need bright sunshine for flower photography, just a tripod, but be prepared for grubby knees!

Don't drive away if you find it difficult to park, be persistent and find a spot. If you have any influence with the Church Commissioners, please demand to know why they don't allow the visitors to park in the field belonging to the adjacent church. Our pleas for a response has been continually ignored, after all, the garden has had planning permission for three years!

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