Sunday, 17 April 2011

Rhododedrons in Spring Time - In Devon's Secret Garden

As promised, herewith more images of the chastened Rhododendron. I am told nothing grows beneath these, and for this strange reason the National Trust are destroying these magnificent plants in their hundreds. Is this Control Freakery gone too far? When is a weed, not a weed? When it sits undisturbed amongst your borders without an invitation. Walk slowly around Marwood..... and the spirit of James Smart lives on. You are in the presence of a Visionary, a Master Painter, a man of passion, and a man who couldn't give a damn about pleasing the world. It is quirky, imaginative and his. It is not all controlled borders with B&Q edging. There are weeds and rough patches, and long vistas, and sudden surprises but it is all yours to meld into, and with a bit of nerve and hard work you could use Marwood's example to transform your own garden. So be with good cheer and get down to North Devon.

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