Tuesday, 5 July 2011

King Arthur's Camelot - Tintagel

Tintagel is known across Europe (in especially Germany and Holland) as the ancient site of Camelot.  And, has thus become a place of pilgrimage bringing in millions of pounds to the local economy of North Cornwall. A fact ignored by the Cornwall County Council who in their wisdom have closed down the stunning  Heritage Centre in Tintagel.  That the Tourist Information Centres of Boscastle, Falmouth and Penzance have also closed due to shortage of funds is anethema to me, too, and shows the complete disregard for the future of tourism in the county. Who and what pays these people's salaries? You don't look a Gift Horse in the mouth do you?

Have you been enjoying Channel 4s Camelot on Saturday evenings? I believe filmed in Ireland, and not, sadly in North Cornwall.

Cumbria is another county that has closed down all but one of the National Park Centres....They blame it all on the internet....but as we know. It is difficult to find quality, reliable information that has not been parley to heavy advertising....Comments, please.

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